PCB production over Christmas

Benefit at no extra charge: Our highly automated production continues to work over Christmas with a limited capacity. Our offices in Germany and Great Britain will be closed from 27. to 29.12.23 inclusive

✔ The last day of dispatch is 21.12.23.
✔ Our office is staffed until 23.12.23 - 4:30 pm (CET).
✔ We will return on 02.01.24.
✔ The first dispatch will take place from 03.01.24.

Additional manufacturing over Christmas

Our highly automated production operates limited between Christmas and New Year. The working days gained will be passed on to you at no extra charge. Only possible for orders placed until 22.12.23, 9:00 am (CET).

For orders after 22.12.23 - 9:00 am (CET) the 03.01.24 counts as first working day.
Our PCB calculator always shows you the estimated dispatch date!

All PCB order dates as PDF 

Order dates for dispatch in 2023

CW = Calendar week, WD = Working days 

If you need an urgent express order with shipping on 23.12.2022, please contact us. We will always try to find a suitable solution for you.

Tel: +49 8104 628-0 (English and German)
Tel: +44 1425 489 111 (English)
Email: info@multi-circuit-boards.eu

Please note

The day of the order is considered the first working day if the order including complete and correct data is received by 9:00 am (CET) by us. If the dispatch date is after the last shipping day in 2023, the dispatch will take place from 03.01.24.

If you wish a later delivery (e.g. 08.01.24), please indicate this in the comment field of your Printed Circuit Board or SMD-Stencil.